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Okay. It seems I created a wrong impression among my audience with my first post. So point of correction. This is not a story of the present. This is a story of a journey that began last year. My baby is now a big man. Lol.

So, two days after that Sunday, we found our way to Del International Hospital, East Legon. Time for our scan!

Why Del though? Very important to explain.

So, I live in Tema. But I work in Accra, somewhere about Ashaley Botwe.  I needed a hospital that will work for me. On Sunday, we had asked the doctor about the antenatal care at that hospital in Tema. We were told the clinic day was Wednesday, about 12 noon to 3 in the afternoon. Now, considering the fact that I did not want to cause any suspicion before I officially started showing, this wasn’t going to work. I would definitely need to ask permission or not go to work at all…blah blah.

But Del! I had heard from a friend that they had evening antenatal hours! Cool right? So I come to work, close, go to clinic and then go home. Perfect deal. Somewhere along my journey, the concern was how I was going to travel from Tema to Del when I was in labour. No worries! Once I am almost due, I will move to my mum’s which is close to Del. Problem solved. Or so I thought…that is a story for very very later!

Yes, so back to Del. Clinic hours are 6:30 to 9 pm. Hubby and I got there in good time. Did all the necessary admin stuff. 120 cedis for consultation. 60 for the scan.

When it finally got to our turn, I simply gave the Gynae or scan request form. I didn’t know how I will say “I’m pregnant.” Those words feel heavy bi saa.

He asked a few questions and then over to the examination area!

I admit. I was a bit nervous. Transvaginal scan, he said. What was going to happen?

You know, when someone knows his job, he doesn’t have to look and touch, if that is what you are nervous about, dear lady going for a gynae visit. It was very simple and professional. Guess what?!!! I saw my baby!!! The doctor pointed out his heart beat. It was amazing! God is wonderful. So wonderful. After that, he gave us an estimate of how far along I was. 6 weeks! Can you imagine? I just got know I was pregnant and I was already six weeks along?

Hubby missed this scan. Although he was in the consultation room with me, we didn’t know he could come along to the examination area. We asked the next time around and he never missed a scan again.

That was my first of countless other visits for the weeks and months to come. During the first trimester and second trimester, we saw the doctor once a month. That reduced to once every three weeks, then two weeks, then every week at the very end.

Antenatal…did it meet my expectation? Absolutely not! So the only picture I had about Antenatal prior to this journey was lessons. Basically that. However, ours was mostly talking about how things were going with the doctor and then he checking how the baby was doing. Of course, prior to that, my vitals were taken. This was my temperature, pressure and weight. Somewhere down the line, there was a urine test and blood test taken at every visit as well.

Oh yeah…there were some shots too. Tetanus. For my baby. Dear baby, I took shots for you. Remember that. Hehe. There was also antimalarial drugs.

Folic acid (and later Zincofer) and Calcium medication were taken from beginning to the end.

So I did ask about the lessons. Unfortunately, they had started running the class a while back but suspended it due to lack of patronage. So well…Google was my teacher. I will tell you more about the resources I used in a future post.

Are you a mother? How was antenatal for you? Would you recommend your clinic? How did you deal with taking time off to visit the clinic? Let us know in the comments below.

Have some questions about antenatal that I didn’t answer in my post? Ask away. I will answer what I can and so will other mothers.


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