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Grandmothers: Our Nurses at Home

Grandmothers! Don't we just love them in this time when we make them grandmothers? But sometimes...just sometimes... See, if you have given birth in Ghana, you immediately know what I am talking about. At the time our mothers gave birth to us, there were stories. These stories were handed down to them by their mothers… Continue reading Grandmothers: Our Nurses at Home

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How I Toilet-Trained My Toddler

Toilet-training! One of the most challenging milestones in the minds of mothers. I started reading about toilet-training early in the life of my first child and from most of the material I read, the average age that toddlers are ready to be toilet-trained is 18 months. Why 18 months? Well, by this time, most toddlers… Continue reading How I Toilet-Trained My Toddler

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Postpartum : When Baby is finally Here

All my life, the picture that has been painted around me has been a tiring pregnancy, a PAINFUL labour and a happily ever after with the new baby. It was like labour and delivery brought an end to it all. I was SHOCKED that it was just the beginning. Sigh. I realised very quickly that… Continue reading Postpartum : When Baby is finally Here