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And then there were 3!

How am I even a mother of 3? Aren’t I still a child? 😆

Last September, we welcomed a baby girl to the family! I’ve had people say, oh, the girl you were longing for…was that really the case? Well, no and yes. In that order. Wanna know more? I have a story for you, as usual!

When we got married, I said I wanted 4 boys. I felt boys were easier, maybe? But yeah, that was my dream. Fast forward to 2018, expecting unexpectedly, and then welcoming our second boy at the end of the year, I entered the “hold it!” phase. 2 under 2 was hard, albeit not as uncommon as I thought it was. I wish I had known then that I wasn’t the only one who had had kids so close to each other so I could have cut myself some slack.

The boys have always been exciting to raise, yes energetic and therefore tiring but there’s just some fun and contentment knowing that you are the person these little ones are looking up to each day. Some time late 2021 though, I (finally) started to see babies again and go awww and how cute and that was definitely a sign that I might be ready soon. Interestingly, it was around this time that Paschal, who was 4 then started to ask for a sibling, specifically a sister. So the desire is there, and then, there’s a request, well, why not?

We started off 2022 with a positive pregnancy test and the journey began! I was more nauseous this time around and according to Google, this is a sign that it’s a girl, but do we always believe Google? Along the line, I started to say I wanted a boy again. I now know I was just shielding myself from disappointment because when we had the confirmation that it was a girl, I was ecstatic! A mini me! More exciting clothes! Hair to play with! Mother of the bride…oh yes, I went that far. 🤣

41 weeks + 1 day of pregnancy, 5 and a half hours of labour and with a loud scream (because pushing a baby out is painful!), Michelle Ewurafua Eduama Appiah arrived! Michelle – Who is like God? – We’d share that story another day.

How has it been so far? Look, moving from a mother of 2 to a mother of 3 doesn’t feel like adding 1. More like 1000 extra! The demands of toddlers and a newborn are several worlds apart. That took a while to get used to, but it’s a lot better now and we are figuring out this family of 5 life much better. She’s already started to smile at us like we make her so happy. Of course we do!

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