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Baby Shower!!!

I remember it as a quiet Saturday morning in March. Hubby and I began the day by attending the Baptism of the son of a friend who had given birth in January. It was nice to see my “future”. Lol.

When we got home, I quickly sacked hubby. No boys (men allowed!) Hehe.

Shortly after, my sister who was the chief organiser of the event arrived with 2 other friends. They worked on decorations as I ranted about what to wear.

Finally guests started arriving! And more guests! And more guests!!!

Now for someone who’s never attended a bridal shower nor a baby shower, this was super new to me and so it was extra cool. Yeah, yeah. I know, I know. I’m strange. That’s common knowledge. Lol.

We were about 10 ladies in all at the event.

We began the event with a prayer session (Christian friends are the best) and then talk!!! You know, we had planned to play some indoor games but the talking took all the time. It was fun catching up on one another’s lives and for those who didn’t know each other yet, getting to know each other. And then, there was food! Food! Food!

And then, gifts! I totally didn’t expect gifts this huge or this many, lol. Come to think of it, was I expecting each person to bring a pair of baby socks? I wonder mpo. But the gifts were really absolutely so cool and soooooo cuuuuuute! Ladies, thank you!

Around that time, hubby came home (can he stay away from me for so long? Lol) He joined in the chitchat and perched on our food.

And finally, we crowned the day with a photoshoot!

Thinking of a baby shower? Just do it! It was a fun distraction to the new routine of carrying a heavy bag on my belly every second of the day.

Did you have a baby shower? Have you attended one? Tell us more about baby showers in Ghana in the comments below.

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