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Newborn Baby Shopping

I think this was perhaps the most exciting part of the entire journey. So, another interesting thing about me. Prior to having my own baby, I have never seen or should I say, noticed how small newborns are. I’ve never been around anyone, family or friends who’s a fresh mama. So I found baby clothes soooooooo cuuuuuuute. Hehehe.

First off, we had a list from the hospital. We were to bring these along on delivery day. This made getting everything on the list high priority.

Guess what, just around my 4th or 5th month, a mothercare, Babies and Beyond opened right next door to my office so that was my first stop. And it ended up being my almost only stop. Why? The owner! Wow! She’s probably the best shop owner I have meant in a country where customer service is 😒😒😒

The first day I walked in there, I simply told her I work next door so I just thought I should take a look at what she has in her shop. I mean, I had made it obvious I was window shopping. You know what she did? She stopped what she was doing and walked through the store with me. It wasn’t the uncomfortable one where they are following you quietly and watching you when you are confused. This was assisted window shopping. She talked with me, told me what I should get, even recommended a cheaper brand of some stuff because she believed this worked better with newborns. This is even despite the fact that she had the more expensive brand as well. I told hubby about her.

After hubby met her, I asked him a question like so we’ll check out some other shops and come back later for a few things from her based on comparisons we make? Ha! So not his plans. And that is how we ended up buying almost every item on our list as well as our baby cot and a few others from this tiny shop in the remote community of Nanakrom.

Jet (been to both the Accra Mall and Junction Mall) branches has really cute and affordable clothes for babies and toddlers as well.

We did some more shopping from another Mothercare close to home for proximity reasons.

And finally, more recently, like way way after Baby had arrived, we shopped with Kyemen Online. They have a Facebook page which showcases the stuff they have available. You then contact them via WhatsApp to make your order. One thing I give them thumbs up for is their responsiveness on WhatsApp. When I am about to buy something, trust me, I can be very annoying. I have like a million questions. But they answered every question I had and did their best to meet my specifications. They also sent a setup video for the item I purchased. Once again, in a country where customer service has a bad definition, these little things are so worth it.

So tell us, how do you find shopping for your baby or your toddler in Ghana? It can be your baby or a friend’s or family member’s. If you have ever walked into a shop to shop for a baby in Ghana, tell us about the experience in the comments below. 🙂

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