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Happy Birthday, Paschal

My dear boy,

I can’t believe it’s a year already. Wow! Time flies.

I remember so vividly when labour started at dawn. I remember getting into the car to go to the hospital in those few minutes between one pain and the next. Although I don’t remember the trip to the hospital so well, I do remember getting there and then talking to nurse who examined me and confirmed you were coming. I had been so eager to welcome you into this world just the previous day because frankly, dear, you had become far too heavy for my legs to carry. Suddenly though, it felt all those emotions were gone. The pain took it all away.

A few minutes later, I was on the delivery table and told to push. I was told after my first few pushes that they were powerless so I needed to do a better job. I could have given up then ; I was so tired. But I thought about you and all we had gone through together in the 9 months and gave it my all. Daddy prayed close by and held my hand. That gave me all the encouragement I needed.

At 7:45am, you finally arrived. I can’t even remember the first thought I had when you landed. I think all I thought about what the fact that I was so many kilograms lighter again. Ha!

Fast forward to the ward, we both slept like we were babies. Weren’t we? Daddy stayed close by watching us. We were indeed tired after our long journey. I finally held you as a mum in the afternoon. Sweetheart, you were so tiny! It’s amazing.

We went home the following day and my first challenge as a mum was worrying when the breast milk will come in so I could start to feed you. Thankfully, it came in that evening. Then came the sleepless nights. Sweetheart, I know you were hungry and couldn’t eat too much at a go, but frankly, those first few nights were stressful! I could barely sleep. There were days when I would even dream about you crying while I am sleeping and will quickly wake up to check on you. Sure enough, you will be stirring and I will pick you up and feed you even before you start crying.

The next painful day was the day of circumcision. I felt your pain, dear! But great God, we went through it. Like a friend had told me a few days before, “This too shall pass” and so indeed, it did.

By the time we had spent two weeks together, I was tired of being indoors. No, it had nothing to do with you. I had just missed “life”. Can you believe I hadn’t seen outside of the gate in those two weeks? Although it was simply a trip to the hospital for a postnatal checkup, it felt more like I was going to a party. I was just so elated!

Finally, after 4 weeks of being indoors and missing church, we had your Baptism. I remember telling you not to cry that day and you were so obedient. You slept throughout the ceremony and even the time we were taking pictures. Wow! Boy, was I grateful to God! I guess you are wondering why mummy wanted you to miss your big day? Well…let’s just say you go grow meet am!

Once you had been outdoored, we could officially spend more times outdoors and that was healthy for both of us. Time flew by so fast! You grew so fast!

We start counting your firsts…your first smile…your first coo…your first laughter (and how we will do all we can to get you to laugh again)….the first time you sat unsupported…the first time you had something other than breaskmilk (the story of exclusive breastfeeding is one for another day)….the first time you attempted to crawl (backward crawling)….the first time you actually crawled….the first time you stood on your own (I can hear daddy’s voice screaming to me in the kitchen to come take a look)…your first step….your first tantrum….your first hospital scare…while you are a baby we count everything, you know.

Now that we have hit your first birthday, our first announcement to the kids in the hood : you are no more a baby! If you hear anyone call you “Baaabie!”, come and report.


That aside, it is beautiful to look back at the journey so far, thank God and be full of so much hope for what the years ahead hold for us all. One of the strongest traits we have seen so far is that you are strong-willed and wouldn’t give up so easily. Not so much like Dad or I so we find this most interesting and look forward to shaping this will so you do great things with it as you give glory to God.

You are already attempting to repeat words with us, so we have officially entered the year where we build our language skills after spending the first year building our physical skills. We should continue to have a lot of fun. We are in for it!

Sweetheart, I love the guy I see already. I love your smile. I love your infectious laughter. I love your determination. I love how you eat virtually everything without giving me cause to complain. Should I say I love how you mess up every corner of the house? It’s more like if there’s anything well arranged, you feel unhappy. But well…maybe, I will just say I love the way you are committed to the work you can do now. I pray through it all, you learn traits that you will keep when you do need them in school and eventually in your work life.

Daddy and I love you!


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Paschal

  1. I just started binge-reading your posts and I must say, I’ve enjoyed every one of them. They’re so insightful. Thanks for sharing your experiences.


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