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Happy Birthday, Theodore


Theodore! It was around this time¹. A little after 11 pm, you finally arrived in this world. You take your time in everything. You had gone past your due date, but you were not bothered. When you finally decided to come, you took your time and came in the evening. When you were finally out, you even took your time in letting out your first cry. That gave Daddy and I a bit of a scare, but you cried anyway, didn’t you? Your slow but sure way of life has taught me a lot during this first year of your life. You are such a peaceful person, it’s amazing.

I remember the first few days of your life. I was so poised as a second time mum for sleepless nights but you slept so well! Like I literally couldn’t believe that I was having it so easy this time around. You would sleep and sleep and even when you wake up, you will barely cry although you are hungry. There was even one occasion when I left you to cry because I was worried maybe you can’t really cry after all. Funny Mummy eh! Even now, you don’t joke with your sleep. Keep it up; rest is good!

Food! Ei Theodore. Your relationship with breast milk is on a different level kwraaa. You can suck! Whenever you are being offered any other food, you will bring your tongue out to taste it before you begin to open your mouth. Ha! Please, in this new year, change wai na there’s more to life than breast milk.

I don’t know whether this is linked to your love for breast milk but your love for cuddles is so beautiful. You make me feel like such a mother! Even if you stop breastfeeding, as for the cuddles diɛɛ, don’t stop. 😇

Your love for TV! Ei Theodore! The way you can focus on the TV and smile at various points, I just wonder what you gain from it. Hehe. I don’t even know whether to be happy or sad though. On one hand, it’s great especially when I want to do a thing or two, I know the TV will safely capture your attention. Even when you are crying, it’s a good antidote. Lol. But of course, I wonder if the screen time is too much for you. Oh, the Mummy guilt 🤦🏽‍♀️

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Your first hospital stay-in. You were only 2 months. I could have cried as the IV line was being inserted. It was so sad when it came off and hard to be reinserted. You were wailing so much at that hour of the night. Sigh! I guess it’s part of the journey of motherhood. Just as I embrace the good days, I ought to embrace the not-so-good ones too.

For the first six months of your life, we believed you will be the quietest member of the family. Now…Hehehe…we are not so sure oh. You have changed a lot since you got more superpowers; from being able to sit, crawl, climb and crawl even faster, use your voice…it’s amazing. I have a lot of fun observing you. In fact, you are so unpredictable (of course, except when it comes to refusing food, Ha!) I really look forward to the coming year as more of your personality begins to develop. I can’t wait to see the toddler who will be in our home a year from now.

You were my biggest surprise of 2018 and you are worth it all. I love you and I love the dynamism you bring to our family. Daddy, Asempa and I all love you!

PS. I know you will ask me one day why I am publishing your letter 5 full days after your birthday. Hehe. You and your brother have been jumping on my head oh. I know you won’t understand by the time you are asking but one day when you become a Daddy yourself, you will surely understand. 😉

¹– I started this post about 11pm on 23rd December, his actual birthday. 

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