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Happy 3rd Birthday, Asempa!

Three years - AsempaWow! How are you three years already? How did time go by so quickly? How did I move from being excited about being pregnant with you to having a talkative three year old walking in my house.

My Easter baby, Paschal. I will never forget how eager I was to bring you into this world. I had gotten so tired of my huge bump and just couldn’t wait but you had other plans. Finally, when you were ready to come, I didn’t even believe it because everything happened so quickly.

Here I was around 12 midnight, no pains, still praying you will arrive soon and by 7.45 am, I heard your first cry. It was so surreal.

Over the past three years, it’s just been a delight to watch you. This third year has been most dramatic as more of your personality has developed and you can finally communicate in full sentences instead of cries and single words. Lol.

I love our conversations. I’m amazed I can actually call them that.

I love how helpful you are. My personal blender operator. My diaper fetcher. My shoe seeker. My medicine prefect. You just want to do something at all times. In fact, sometimes, you are too helpful. But can I complain? I don’t want to push you away lest you stop being interested.

Your appetite is super! You will clean your plate, help finish up your brother’s and still perch on ours. Shortly after, you will come for a snack. But, can you tell me? Which part of you body does it all end up at? Ha!

I love how you learn. You pay attention to what we do without our notice and before we realise, you are reproducing it with such accuracy. Daddy and I just keep asking how you know all you know at your age. Lol.

As for your role as a big brother, you don’t play with it at all. Haha! Discipline and love are shown in such equal measure to Ayemye that it’s hard to complain. Of course, except the days when you just decide to bully him for no reason. In this new year, less of those, dear.

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You thought cos it’s your birthday, I won’t mention your tantrums? Ho! Your tantrums! Your tantrums! You have a strong personality so your tantrums diɛɛ… At least, it’s good we have figured out that “time out” is the super tamer. “Paschal, should I bring a cane or I should go and lock you?” “Mummy, bring the cane.” Ei bei, young man. So fearless! I pray for strength to tame this heart of yours that you will continue to be confident without thinking you must always have your way.

Jesus is already your friend. You are already active when we pray at home. I didn’t see this coming so early, but I love it so much. I pray the love for God will grow so beautifully in your heart and you will allow him to guide you into a confident yet respectful and humble gentleman.

I have you no fears that in a few years, you will be a great leader at home and in various places you find yourself. Whatever your purpose, may God open it to Daddy and I so we guide you towards it.

Cheers to the birthday with (in your own words) the fire and the cake and the hat and the glasses and the balloon. Your demands for the day are simple kwraa. I have no fears.

I love you, Paschal Asempa Appiah.

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