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I’m Coming to do My Blending

blending 2
Remember I posted a similar picture a while back?
Around that time was when blending was officially no more my job in my own house. If I dare blend without permission, trouble oh.
Today, I called Asempa as usual to inform him.
Me: Asempa, I’m about to blend oh.
Asempa: Okaaaay! I’m going to play-ay!
Me: Oh okay. So you won’t blend?
Asempa: No.
Me: Okay…I hope you understand the discussion we are having.
At this, the referee, aka Daddy just laughs.
This laughter means, don’t fall into this trap oh.
I decide to go ahead. Perhaps, the sound will let the reality hit.
After first “vroom”…
Asempa: Do your blendum!
Me to Emmanuel: Did I hear him say I should do my blending?
Emmanuel: Yes oh.
We are both surprised. But what can we say?
About three “vrooms” later, I see someone running to the kitchen carrying a chair to stand on.
Asempa: “I’m coming to do my blendum!”
My saviour was that I had more things to blend.

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