Motherhood · Never A Dull Moment

New Things are Mine!

Wrapped gift

Asempa and new things! He literally lives for them and believes every new thing no matter how small or big is his.

He comes from school one afternoon, sees a new bag we’ve bought for my Ayemye because Ayemye’s bag is torn and concludes the bag is his. We told him it was for his brother, but he insisted as usual.

The next morning, we’re done and preparing to leave when we notice he’s removing the diapers and clothes out of the bag so he can put his books in it. We remind him it’s not his and he throws a tantrum. Now watch here, Ayemye has never liked putting his bag at his back. He’ll take it off the next minute. But guess what? As the tantrum is ongoing, we put the bag at his back and this boy keeps it there. He’s walking and is about to fall but he actually stops to adjust it. 🤣🤣🤣In the car, he’s not bothered by how having the bag at his back makes sitting uncomfortable. He keeps it there the whole ride as the tantrum thrower is still whining.

Since then, our young man loves carrying his bag at his back! As for Asempa, he forgot about the bag the next day or so. After all, it was now old. 🤣🤣🤣I think this one diɛɛ, the parents didn’t solve any problem. The owner of the bag took the matter into his hands. 😇

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